Briccola oak for furnishings full of charm


Briccola oak for furnishings full of charm
21 May 2021

The BRICCOLA OAK is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating woods and rich in details to tell, among...

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16 February 2021

Two collections that look to the past but fit perfectly into modern design: VINTAGE and ANTIQUE. A proposal...

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Classic: a timeless style
22 January 2021

Choosing a CLASSIC furniture means live in an environment that transmit warmth and familiarity. It is the style...

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Iron and Wood: opposites that attract
22 December 2020

Two extremely different materials but which together create a perfect union. The wood we use is characterized by...

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Illuminate and furnish your rooms with our original lamps
10 November 2020

L'illuminazione è una scelta importantissima nella progettazione di un ambiente.

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Old fir: a material of great charm
12 October 2020

Elegant and refined. An important piece that furnishes the living area with character. This sideboard is made of...

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Our furniture for environments rich of character
9 September 2020

Original items and different styles of furniture are the main features of FRANCOMARIO Furniture Store proposals. Furniture and...

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We realize the ideal table for your ambience
13 July 2020

An important plus when buying furniture is choose it according to the characteristics and dimensions of your environment....

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WOOD embodies the history of a country…
16 June 2020

Using a local essence means making a contribution in reducing the environmental impact of transport and all the...

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11 September 2019

A completely new space, set up with our unique and original proposals. Different types of furniture and materials...

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