Olive Tree Frame

A section of Ulivo is transformed into a mirror with a strong natural mood.

Material: Olive tree and Mirror

Sizes: CM L 100 x P 9 x H 81

ART: IP119

Materials & Finishes


A complement that transforms an empty wall into the focal center of a room, giving the environment warmth and originality. The section of trunk of this almost centenary olive tree becomes the perfect frame for a mirror and allows those who observe it to take a look and understand Nature and what it produces. In this case, the contortion of the trunk, typical in the olive tree, gives us a sort of coping at the top, as if it will resume the value and refinement of a classic element. Estimated age: 90 years old. Origin: Puglia


Olive tree is an evergreen tree, whose vegetative activity is almost continuous, with attenuation in the winter period. It has slow growth and is very long-lived: in favorable climatic conditions it can become millenary and reach heights of 15-20 meters. Roots, mostly of the adventitious type, are expanded and superficial: generally they do not go beyond 0.7-1 meter in depth. The stem is cylindrical and twisted, with gray bark and hard and heavy wood. The crown has a conical shape, with fruiting branches and pendulous or patent branches (arranged horizontally with respect to the stem) according to the variety.

Cornice Ulivo Francomario

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