590 Oak Single Axis

SINGLE-AXIS table top in oak.

Material: Oak

Sizes: CM L 590 x P 110 x H 8

Finishing: Unfinished

ART: IP111

Materials & Finishes


An element that becomes the absolute protagonist in the environment in which it is placed, for a unique and precious proposal. This 6-meter table top is one of the planks of an OAK trunk recovered from a park in Cuneo, with an estimated age of 365 years.


Oak is an tree belonging to the Fagaceae family. It has a very open crown with patent and straight branches. The trunk is erect, robust and slender, branched only in the upper part. Its foliage expands upwards reaching a height of 30-40 meters in the woods. The bark is gray, smooth and longitudinally fissured. It is an oak with a moderate longevity, in fact it reaches 500-800 years of age and resistant to the worst climatic situations. Oak wood is a precious wood, with good strength and resistance and a burnished color tending to gold. In Italy it is mainly present in the alpine and pre-alpine valleys and in the Apennines.

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