Olive Tree Section

Una proposta dalle dimensioni generose che ci indicano anche la secolarità di questa bellissima sezione di Ulivo. Un arredo importante che ci rimanda direttamente alla natura, ideale come elemento decorativo per una parete o come piano per un tavolo di rappresentanza.

Material: Olive tree

Sizes: CM L 185 x P 150 x H 9,5

Finishing: Natural transparent varnished wood

ART: IP131

Materials & Finishes


A unique piece for true nature lovers. This secular olive tree section is a recovery that represents our love for trees and the awareness of their importance. A work of art that brings to light the characteristics of this tree and its life, such as the hole in the center, most likely due to some traumatic event. The generous dimensions are also the confirmation of the secularity of this tree.


The olive tree is an evergreen tree whose vegetative activity is almost continuous, with attenuation in the winter period. It has slow growth and is very long-lived: in favorable climatic conditions it can become millenary and reach heights of 15-20 meters. The roots, mostly of the adventitious type, are expanded and superficial: generally they do not go beyond 0.7-1 meter in depth. The stem is cylindrical and twisted, with gray bark and hard and heavy wood. The foliage has a conical shape, with fruiting branches and pendulous or patent branches (arranged horizontally with respect to the stem) according to the variety.

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