Cedro Small Table

A section of Cedro becomes the top for an out of the ordinary coffee table, a proposal that gives an original touch to an environment.

Material: Cedar

Sizes: CM L 158 x P 150 x H 37

Finishing: Natural transparent varnished wood

ART: IP109

Materials & Finishes


In this Special by RE-WOOD proposal, a trunk section becomes the top for an out of the ordinary coffee table. The Cedar used, coming from Northern Italy, is a monumental piece. Its peculiarity is in the central hollow part, probably due to traumatic event. This feature for us becomes a unique and important detail and not a defect, a way to make known the natural path of life. Approaching the top, all the growth rings can be clearly seen and the warm shades of the wood can be perceived. The base is made of metal elements, thin and slender. Fixed age: 212 years.



Conifer belonging to the Pinaceae family, CEDAR is characterized by a powerful trunk with an irregular shape and frequent bends, particularly resistant to wear and atmospheric agents. The wood, with its aromatic and balsamic resin, absorbs bad smells and purifies air. These trees have a fast growth reaching a height of 40-50 m.

Tavolino Cedro Francomario

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