Chestnut Small Table

Coffee table for the living area with top obtained from a section of chestnut and iron base.

Material: Chestnut

Sizes: CM L 178 x P 135 x H 30

Finishing: Unfinished

ART: IP122

Materials & Finishes


This section of Chestnut is characterized by a very particular asymmetrical design that gives a great dynamism to the top, helping to further strengthen the naturalness already expressed by this material. A proposal for a living area of great impact. Base made with iron lamellas. Origin: Northern Italy. Estimated age: 255 years.


Chestnut belongs to the Fagaceae family. Semi-hard essence with a dense grain, it is a precious, light wood with a strong resistance to humidity and atmospheric agents. The European chestnut is one of the most valuable and has one of the lowest shrinkage and expansion coefficients, it does not need any treatment as it contains a natural substance, tannin, which protects it from fungi and bacteria, thus making it more durable. Furthermore, it is characterized by an early formation of the heartwood (the innermost portion of the trunk) compared to the sapwood (the part of the trunk just below the bark) which makes it very resistant. It is characterized by a brown color, because it forms and darkens faster than other chestnuts.

Tavolino Quercia Francomario

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