Table in Root of Poplar

The top of this table is made with a section of Root of Poplar recovered from a tree from a Lombard area. An original furniture, ideal for the private environment but also for contract and retail.

Material: Iron

Sizes: CM L 215 x P 110 x H 79

Finishing: Unfinished

ART: IP118

Materials & Finishes


A real artwork. The top of this table is made with a section of poplar burl recovered from a tree from the lombard area. Rich in natural veins and partridge eyes, it has extremely irregular edges that give strength and dynamism to this “Special” proposal by RE-WOOD. The iron legs are thin and tapered. Estimated age: 180 years.


Belonging to the Salicaceae family, Poplar is a tall tree that can exceed 30 m in height. Life expectancy varies significantly depending on the subspecies and ti is between 100 and 400 years old. Briar develops near the roots and sometimes in some point of the stem, characterized by the white color of the wood that contrasts with the yellow-brown color of the more rooted parts. It has a very decorative appearance, characterized by small knots called “partridge eyes”.

Tavolo In Radica di Pioppo Francomario

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