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Rectangular Table Oak. Elegantly rounded at the ends. It is supported by 4 slender conical inclined legs in solid oak. Removable.

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Material: Whitened Oak

Sizes: CM L 240 x P 90 x H 75

Finishing: Transparent Finishing

ART: SH107

Materials & Finishes


Table with bleached oak top characterized by a particular shape, slightly rounded at the ends and with a flared thickness that gives lightness to this proposal. Conical legs in solid oak. Removable.




Materials: Oak

Item to be assembled




Quantity Packages: 2

Package dimensions:

Package 1:  L 250 P 98 H 11   Weight: 45 Kg

Package 2:  L 95 P 85 H 30   Weight: 22 Kg

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