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Our will is to build using what already exists. Sustainability and respect for nature become the focal point on which our entire design and production method revolves. We recover wood to give it a second life.
But not only … We also offer antique and vintage pieces for those who love, like us, the charm of the past. Furniture that have a story to tell.


WOOD is the fulcrum on which a large part of our production revolves.

We want to give a second life to a material with great aesthetic potential, bringing out its color, texture and patina left by the passing of the time.

A natural material that allows us to create PRECIOUS and UNIQUE furnishings, never repeatable, as each wooden board we recover has always different shades and details.

SUSTAINABILITY is the basis from which the whole RE-WOOD philosophy starts.

We choose to produce following the CIRCULAR ECONOMY model, that is an economy designed to regenerate itself, using a system that can minimize waste.
The wood that still has excellent qualities is recovered and, through planning and processing, reintroduced on the market.

A material that, among its many advantages, requires very low energy consumption to be processed.

We work using artisan techniques, result of creativity, passion and dedication that has been handed down from generation to generation, all led to a modern and eco-sustainable production process.

RE-WOOD and SPECIAL are furniture proposals that best represent the path of renewal, oriented towards environmental protection. Materical surfaces where you can feel all the power of nature, with its strengths and weaknesses.


We select our materials with great care, checking origin and supply, to give you a quality furniture.


Sustainability is the basis of our philosophy and this is why we choose to produce following the circular economy model.


We collaborate with architects and designers who create, in symbiosis with production, a synergy between ideation and manual skills.


We recover wood from old obsolete buildings, eliminating impurities and metal parts. It is then stored and placed in special drying facilities. This gives greater biological durability and a warm and unique color, without the use of chemical agents.

We work our essences with artisan techniques, using however a modern and eco-sustainable production process.
As finishing we choose protective oils and natural-based products, to preserve all textures and shades of color.

A unique collection

For real lovers of refinement and exclusivity

A selection of particular essences, in which our mission is to keep intact all the characteristics.

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